Welcome to our little plant based kitchen.

A Bit About Us

First of all we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by our little website.  We are a couple of south Brooklyn transplants. Alissa coming from eastern Montana and the original vegetarian in the relationship and Steve coming from upstate New York. We both had our different reasons for moving to the outer boros of NYC. We met through one of Alissa’s coworkers who would later become her brother in-law.

This has been such a wild journey for us.  It all began with us spending the little time we have together on the weekends, cooking and preparing meals for the approaching work week. Slowly it evolved into creating recipes that we enjoyed sharing with our friends and family. From there we decided to take it to the next level and try to share it with a much broader audience taking advantage of Steve’s photographic skills while learning to be creative in our tiny Brooklyn apartment.

We hope to show others that preparing vegetarian food doesn’t have to be complicated and that it can be relatively easy to embrace a plant based diet without feeling deprived. We hope you will find recipes on our site, that have the ability to satisfy vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Our unofficial mascot is Gertrude (Gertie) pictured below and the only meat eater in the apartment.

 Come Back Soon!

Alissa , Steve and Gertie

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