Hi! Steve and Alissa here.  We started this blog because we like to cook and eat. A LOT! But we also love to share our recipes and our passion for following a plant-based diet and we are so glad that you are here. Welcome!


Our Story…

Steve is a professional photographer and Alissa is an elementary special education teacher.  We live in Brooklyn, New York but we are both transplants and met here in NYC. Alissa is originally from Eastern Montana, also known as “cattle country” and Steve is from Central New York where his grandparents owned a dairy farm.  Yup, meat and cheese were definitely a big part of our diet growing up.

However, due to family illnesses and cancer we both began moving in a direction of bringing more whole foods into our diet.  It has now been 13 years without meat and 3 years without dairy and eggs. We have never looked back.

In fact, Steve struggled with psoriasis for his entire life until it disappeared by simply changing what we ate. We believe in the power of food and have seen the benefits first hand.

Not to say that it was always easy.  It has been a gradual process but one that we believe in and love to share, and that’s how Meatless Makeovers was formed now 3 years ago. Wow! Time sure does fly!

We also can’t forget to mention Gertrude, our unofficial mascot! She loves sleeping, pigeon watching, and her yellow ball. She is also the only meat-eater in the apartment.

We are so happy that you are here and feel so honored that you may even want to make a recipe of ours. We hope you love it and that maybe, just maybe, it will even remind you of a recipe that you grew up eating that you didn’t think you would be able to enjoy ever again. That is our mission behind each and every recipe, to deliver good healthy plant-based food that is also satisfying.

Happy Cooking!

Steve & Alissa

Last, But Not Least…

If you are just looking to begin your plant-based journey, please check out our cookbook, Eating Vegetarian: A Healthy Cookbook for Beginners. It includes 75 meat-free recipes along with tips on how to make the switch, nutritional guidance, and more.

Or visit with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  We would love to hear from you!