Eating Vegetarian Cookbook

Eating Vegetarian Cookbook

A Healthy Introductory Cookbook for Those Just Beginning a  Meat-free Journey


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About the Book

Becoming a vegetarian just got easier and tastier. Eating Vegetarian features 75 meat-free recipes to get you going- plus tips on how to successfully make the switch, nutritional guidance, and more. Specifically designed for beginners, this cookbook will help you on your road toward a healthy vegetarian diet full of plant-based meals.

Feast on dishes that range from simple snacks to hearty mains. Along with meat-free makeovers of some of your favorites like sushi and pasta bolognese, you’ll find kitchen tool considerations, tips for healthy ingredient swaps, and recommendations for picky eaters.


What You’ll Find Inside

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  • Part One: The Vegetarian Way

    • Chapter One: Going Vegetarian
    • Chapter Two: The Vegetarian Kitchen


  • Part Two: The Recipes

    Featuring 75 Meat-free Recipes!

    • Chapter Three: Savory Snacks
    • Chapter Four: Salads
    • Chapter Five: Soups and Stews
    • Chapter Six: Sandwiches and Wraps
    • Chapter Seven: Beans and Grains
    • Chapter Eight: Anytime Eggs
    • Chapter Nine: Hearty Mains


  • Extra Features:

    • Quick Reference Guide to Prepping and Cooking Produce
    • Nutritional Information for Each Recipe
    • Tips for Mixing It Up, Substituting, Making It Easier, or Incorporating Animal Proteins for Other Family Members
    • Tips for Picky Eaters
    • Low Carb Swaps
    • Tips for a Healthy Switch

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A Sneak Peek of Some of the Recipes Included…


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