Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

More often than not, people believe you have to spend lots of money to get anything today that will last. Kitchen tools are no different.  There are some appliances we are willing to splurge for but thankfully one of our most useful and versatile kitchen tools is also incredibly reasonable- A Cast Iron Skillet.

This favorite pan was a gift from my sister many Christmas’s ago and you would never know that we use it ALL THE TIME because it still looks brand new.  It is just so practical.  We use it for…. deep dish pizza, baked pasta, casseroles, mushroom marsala, chickpea frittata, focaccia, and much much more.

However, one does need to know the right way to care for this all-important pan.

  • Season it when you first get it. First, heat the pan on a stovetop until it’s very hot.  Then, rub a little oil into it and let it cool.
  • Always, clean it after each use. But don’t let it soak in the sink.  You don’t want to let it stay wet or it could rust.
  • Re-season it after each use. This will keep it looking brand new year after year.

Once you know how to care for this amazing pan, you will find yourself using it time and time again. Also, if you want to be adored like my sister is, give it as a gift!  It is a fantastic gift to give that will last much longer than most and will be a fraction of the price.  Truly the perfect gift to give, even if it is to yourself!


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