Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline Slicer

We love to buy kitchen gadgets and utensils for each other when a birthday or holiday arrives.  This arrived for Steve’s birthday about 2 years ago.  What we initially believed would be a fun and periodically used tool for eggplant parmesan has actually turned into a kitchen essential for us.  We honestly can’t imagine cooking without one anymore.  Therefore, we have even given them as gifts to family members in order to spread the joy and ease of slicing copious amounts of vegetables and fruit for probably every other meal that we make.  It truly is an invaluable kitchen tool that any person who regularly cooks from scratch should have.

Here are some examples of recipes that we routinely use our mandoline slicer for:

lasagna, dumplings, sweet potato pulled ‘pork’, pizzas, vegetable stackers, calzones, and of course it helps to make a mean eggplant parm.

We truly couldn’t cook the foods that we love to make now without it.  And the best part…. They are actually incredibly reasonable!  You can find them in the price range from about $15 up to $100.  We settled on one that was $30 and it works just great.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others or buy it for other family members or friends in the future.  We believe it truly will turn into one of your kitchen essentials too.  We hope it does and that you invite us over for your killer eggplant parm.

One extra tip:

When we purchased our slicer we also bought these gloves.  We would mention names (ahem- Steve!) but once and a while we nick ourselves when chopping.  Given that the blades on the mandoline need to be incredibly sharp in order to adequately cut, it can be a little dangerous if you are slicing rapidly.  These gloves work great and Steve hasn’t cut his hand yet while using the mandolin anyway (knock on wood…).  Even if you don’t think you need the extra safety of the gloves, please always chop carefully.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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