Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni

Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni

Fiddlehead, fiddlehead, fiddlehead! What an amazingly fun word to say and you know what else?! Delicious! This Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni is fresh, easy, and an all-around terrific recipe that includes this fun spring veggie.

Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern plant. Most people say they taste like a cross between spinach and asparagus. But to me they just taste like spring!

Fiddleheads should be cooked and never eaten raw because they can cause food poisoning if not properly cooked. They can either be boiled, steamed, or sautéed like in this Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni.

This spring pasta dish comes together quickly and easily. In fact, it only takes 20 minutes or less to make so it’s ideal for a weeknight meal. However, because of the unique fiddleheads it also works great for company.

We were so lucky to get an amazing gift of lemon olive oil from my parents recently. It was awesome for the lemon garlic sauce for this pasta, especially with the sautéed lemon slices. If you LOVE lemon, you will LOVE LOVE this pasta!

However, regular olive oil works well too if you don’t have lemon infused oil. Just use LOTS of fresh squeezed lemon juice over the pasta with the extra virgin olive oil. But if you are intrigued about flavored oil, check out THESE fun varieties!

If you are fortunate enough to track down fiddleheads at your local grocery store or farmers market, you should absolutely try this Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni. After the first bite of this vibrant pasta, you will be ready for spring. Thank goodness!!!


Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Entree
Serves: 4 Servings
  • 8 oz Fiddleheads (trimmed)
  • 5 cloves Garlic (minced)
  • 2 Lemons (1 juiced, 1 sliced)
  • Fresh Dill (Minced)
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil (We used Lemon Infused)
  • Gluten free rigatoni
  • Vegan Parmesan (Garnish)
  • Black and Red Pepper (Garnish)
  1. Put a large pot of water on to boil.
  2. Wash and prepare the fresh vegetables as per the directions above.
  3. Once the water is boiling cook the pasta as per the directions on the package. Set aside.
  4. Add the oil to a deep frying pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and sauté for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Next, lower the heat to medium and add the fiddleheads and cook stirring occasionally for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile in a separate frying pan over high heat, sear the lemon slices. (See picture. Set aside.
  7. Add the pasta, dill and lemon juice to the pasta and stir to combine.
  8. Mix in the seared lemon slices and serve.
  9. Garnish with vegan parmesan and lots of black pepper.
  10. Enjoy!



Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni  Ingredients Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni  Sauce

Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni  Add pasta Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni  sear lemons

Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni  Finish Pasta Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni  Final

Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni Final Fiddlehead Lemon Garlic Rigatoni Final


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