Sparkling Key Lime Fizz

Sparkling Key Lime Fizz

This Sparkling Key Lime Fizz is cool, crisp, and zingy.  The perfect combo for a sweltering hot summer day!

Key limes are adored when they are used for key lime pie. Seriously, if you have never tried the real deal, DON’T WAIT! But key limes are too good to be used for only one thing… and an effervescent fizz is the ideal companion for these little tarts.

However, don’t be surprised when you get minimal juice out of each little adorable key lime.  They aren’t as juicy as typical limes but their flavor packs a stronger a punch. They are more aromatic and have more zip as well so the extra chopping and juicing is WORTH IT!

This Sparkling Key Lime Fizz only requires 3 ingredients too!  Here is precisely what you will need to make this delightful concoction…

  1. Key Limes (4 to 5 per drink)
  2. Sparkling Water (Key lime or Lime flavored)
  3. Vodka

This drink is WAY TOO EASY! Not only does it require merely 3 ingredients, but it comes together in time at all.  It will only take a minute to cut and juice the key limes, but after that, just add everything to a pretty glass filled with ice.  That’s it!

I think it’s about lime to make one of these Sparkling Key Lime Fizz cocktails right now (Sorry I couldn’t resist!!). But truly if the weather is extra toasty, cool off with this fabulous drink and just imagine you are in the Florida Keys.  This drink is the key. (Last one, I promise!) Happy sipping.


Sparkling Key Lime Fizz
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Fun Drink Friday
Serves: 2 servings
  • Key Lime or Lime Flavored Sparkling Water (We used La Croix)
  • 7-10 Key Limes (Juiced and Strained)
  • 2 oz. Vodka
  1. Cut the limes in half and squeeze as much juice out as possible into a glass. You can also use a citrus juicer.
  2. Strain the seeds and pulp out of the juice. You should have approximately 1 oz. of juice.
  3. Add ice to two glasses.
  4. Add 1 oz. vodka and ½ oz. lime juice to each glass.
  5. Fill with sparkling water.
  6. Garnish with a slice of key lime.
  7. Enjoy!



Sparkling Key Lime Fizz IngredientsSparkling Key Lime Fizz juiceSparkling Key Lime Fizz finalSparkling Key Lime Fizz final

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