Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky

Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky

There always comes a point in the day when I need a little snack. However, I don’t want to foil my dinner or eat something that encourages overeating like crackers or chips. So instead I reach for this Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky.

This mushroom jerky is delightfully chewy and has an amazing smoky flavor. This plant based jerky really does remind me of real jerky and it’s a perfect snack.

The key to this Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky is a dehydrator. I really don’t know how we managed before we had one. Not only do we save money by making our own dried fruit and herbs but we can also make incredible vegan snacks like this mushroom jerky. If you want to know what dehydrator we have and LOVE click HERE.

Also, did I mention that you only need 5 ingredients to make this jerky! That’s right!!! All you need is:

1. King oyster mushrooms
2. Liquid aminos
3. Liquid smoke
4. Dried Ancho chili peppers
5. Rice wine vinegar

Only 5 ingredients and you have and incredible snack that lasts for weeks and that you can easily bring ANYWHERE. Yummm… Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky!! In fact, I think I need to make another batch right now!


If you love to snack, DON’T WAIT! you MUST try this Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky. Plant based snacking will NEVER be the same. Enjoy!


Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky
Prep time
Cook time
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Recipe type: Snack
  • 1 lb King Oyster Mushrooms (Sliced Thin)
  • ¾ Cup Liquid Aminos
  • ¼ tsp Liquid Smoke
  • 2 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
  • 3 Dried Ancho Chilis
  • 2 Cups Water
  1. In a small sauce pan over medium heat, boil the water. When the water is boiling, carefully place the dried peppers into the water and allow to rehydrate. Approx. 5 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, wash the mushrooms and slice them very thin, lengthwise.
  3. Drain the peppers and save the water in a bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients to the water and stir to combine.
  4. Place the sliced mushrooms on a dehydrator rack in a single layer. Brush each side of the mushrooms with the seasoning mixture.
  5. Dehydrate on 350 degrees until they are dry and leathery. Approx. 4 hours. Flipping them halfway through.



Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky  Ingredients Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky boil peppers

Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky  slice mushrooms Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky  make sauce

Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky apply sauce Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky  final

Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky final Zesty Ancho Mushroom Jerky final


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